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Super CD+G Ripper, Super CD+G to MP3G Converter from Power Karaoke

Super CD+G Ripper

Are you still browsing the Web trying to find out how to rip your karaoke discs, especially those with Super CD+G file format? It's high time to visit Power Karaoke where you will not only learn the right answer for your crucial inquiry, but, what's more important, you will be offered a highly effective, yet affordable tool to accomplish this task - Power SCDG Ripper.

It may surprise you, but many karaoke fans and professionals as well get stuck with the problem of ripping karaoke Super CD+G discs since their standard DVD players and computer CD/DVD drives refuse to play and support this file format. In essence, Super CD+G (also referred as SCD+G or SCDG) is a specific, compressed karaoke DVD disc. This disc shouldn't be mixed up with a typical CD+G as it is of a completely different format. However, they both have one thing in common - a graphical component allowing to display on-screen lyrics while playing the track.

Super CD+G discs basically contain a bunch of music files that are compressed into a couple of DAT files. Furthermore, they're formatted in a way that they can be played in karaoke machines or can work on specific players. Our advanced Super CD+G Ripper software is developed to break down all these restrictions by converting DAT files available into other formats that can be easily played on your computer or standard DVD player.

Our Power SCDG Ripper is a multi-functional Super CD+G to MP3G converter software solution. Its extremely powerful conversion engine allows to convert any related files contained on a SCD+G disc into MP3G, CD+G, ZIP and BIN formats and then save them to your hard drive in a matter of a few minutes. Our smart Super CD+G converter also offers you to take advantage of an automatic naming option allowing you to name each particular song as you wish.

It is fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 operating systems. Forget about all your hassles associated with Super CD+G discs while using Power SCDG Ripper from Power Karaoke!

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