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Professional Karaoke DVD Burner

Karaoke as an entertainment form has spread from Japan throughout the world. The term 'karaoke' has been accepted into common language usage. Originally available at only karaoke cassette tapes, karaoke moved into CDs and DVDs, finally incorporating videos and graphic images along with on-screen text prompts (lyrics). Do you wonder how to make karaoke DVD discs yourself? Power Karaoke is here to provide you with professional Karaoke DVD Burner that will make burning of custom karaoke discs as easy as 1-2-3.

Our professional Karaoke DVD Burner will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating karaoke DVD discs. This burning custom karaoke discs software allows you to make karaoke DVD discs from CD+G discs and mp3g files. You can import songs directly from a CD+G disk or from local mp3g files and our professional karaoke DVD burner will automatically convert them to the proper format and make karaoke DVD discs with hundred of songs that can be played on your TV. This DVD will contain audio tracks and display synchronized lyrics on a screen.

If you have a wide range of karaoke video clips or songs on your home computer, but don’t know how to make karaoke DVD discs with exclusive content, use our professional Karaoke DVD Burner. Burning custom karaoke discs will help you surprise your family and friends with karaoke video songs coming with unique images, background animation and various text effects.

User-friendly and wizard-style interface of professional karaoke DVD burner from Power Karaoke will allow even a computer newbie feel comfortable while burning custom karaoke discs.

With our professional Karaoke DVD Burner you will never bother yourself anymore with the question on how to make karaoke DVD discs. Burning custom karaoke discs has never been easier � all you have to do is just to choose karaoke video files or songs you’d like to burn and make a few mouse clicks!

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