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Computer technologies have spread over the world and virtually all aspects of our life making various daily activities not only more productive and easy, but also pretty much interesting and enjoyable. Karaoke entertainment field is also relying on computers more and more these days. A standard home PC with basic functionality may provide multiple opportunities for quality karaoke experience, while DVD karaoke players and machines have limited features offering you only a few more options in addition to playing karaoke tracks and videos.

Karaoke solutions, programs and applications allow to dramatically improve your karaoke pastime and they are available in an impressive variety on the modern market. If you're looking for multi-featured, yet reasonably priced karaoke programs for your computer or laptop that is running on Windows OS, then PowerKaraoke.com is the only online destination you may require.

We specialize exclusively in karaoke software development and are ready to offer a comprehensive selection of full-featured, yet easy-to-use karaoke programs for Windows 8 (both 32 and 64 bit), Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000 at the most competitive price. Coming with a range of advanced features, options and tools, they may deliver you unmatched karaoke entertainment, let you surprise friends and guests at your home party, while requiring no specific technical knowledge and skills.

Windows karaoke solutions will allow you to play and record songs, burn CD+G, CD, DVD discs, copy any karaoke discs to your hard drive, rip SCDG discs, create custom CD+G tracks, make karaoke videos and clips, run professional karaoke shows, remove song vocals, change the key and tempo of any karaoke track and even protect your custom karaoke products from unauthorized copying.

Any of our karaoke programs can be an excellent choice for both karaoke amateurs and professional KJs or singers. You'll have no problems with their download, installation and running on your computer or laptop. Besides, they cost much less than bulky karaoke machines and equipment. That’s why, for quality and easy-to-use karaoke software consider visiting PowerKaraoke.com.

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