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Siglos Karaoke Player Visualization Plugins

Siglos Karaoke Player supports animated backgrounds reacting to music being played.

Visualizations can be used as a background for karaoke song:

Visualization 1

Visualization 2

Or when fill-in music is played:

Visualization 3

You may install additional visualizations in Sonique on Windows Media Player format. Windows Media Player plugins are automatically detected (however some of them are not compatible with Siglos Karaoke Player and may cause crashes).
Sonique plugins (in SVP format) need to be placed in %APPDATA%/Doblon/Siglos Karaoke Player Recorder 2/Visualizations (or Siglos Karaoke Professional for Pro version).

There is a lot of Sonique visualization plugins available online, a good place to start is XMPlay visuals download page.