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* Updated YouTube download
* Fixed issue with KMA playback
+KJ: Added option to set backup interval (2024-06-24)
* Additional information is displayed if YouTube playback fails (2024-06-19)
* Added option for browser cookies in YouTube settings
* Fixed issue with MIDI playback on some systems
* KJ: Fixed issue with ID3 tags not importing correctly (2024-06-14)
* Fixed issue with loading files with names containing non-latin characters
* Fixed issue with dropping MP3 with no tags (2024-06-11)
+ When adding songs to playlist in non-KJ mode (and to fill-in list in KJ mode), name is set from metadata
Option to disable this is in Settings / Adv.
*KJ: Dropping folders on fill-in list now adds all songs from the folder
*KJ: Added option to move singers to a different venue when deleting a venue (2024-06-06)
*KJ: Updated database file opening (2024-06-01)
*KJ: Fixed playback issue with PartyTyme songs
+KJ: Added font size modifier for Remote Queue
*KJ: Song edit window now has Locate/Change buttons for files. Locate also works with YT (2024-05-21)
*KJ: Fixed incorrect collection display in remote queue (2024-05-16)
*KJ: Fixed issue with incorrect length for songs with CDG shorter that MP3 (2024-05-15)
*KJ: Silence detection should work faster for ZIP files (2024-05-12)
*KJ: Improved database access speed for large databases (2024-05-07)
* Fixed issue with recording not working on some systems
*KJ: Improved song load times when scanning for silence is enabled (2024-04-29)
* YouTube playback should start faster now, added clear button for search fields
*KJ: Minor fix in Songs Database search
+KJ: Added Clear button to advanced filter in Songs Database search (2024-04-25)
* Minor changes (2024-04-23)
*KJ: Countdowns now display properly for the last song
* Fixed slow song start with multiple background images (2024-04-15)
*Player/Recorder: Added option to disable media button support
+KJ: Added field selection to history export
+KJ: Added 'Show in remote queue' to Songs Database search (2024-03-25)
* Stability fixes
*KJ: Added option to disable media button support (2024-03-21)
* Fixed issue with program not-responding when using animated backgrounds (2024-03-16)
* Minor bug fix (2024-03-15)
* Fixed issue with very large playlists (2024-03-09)
*KJ: Fixed issue with missing button for YouTube in fill-in playlist
+KJ: Added option to show countdowns on Start button for automatic playback
*Stability improvements (2024-03-05)
*KJ: Fill-in playlist can now load YouTube playlist
*Non-KJ: Song search now works with upper case letters (2024-02-23)
+Non-KJ: Added option 'Double-click on the playlist loads file only' in Settings / General (2024-02-19)
*All settings should save correctly using 'Save settings' from Settings / Tools
*Player/Recorder: 'Start playback after dropping file' now saves correctly between sessions (2024-02-12)
*KJ: Added Swap button to Play from YouTube to swap detected artist and title (2024-02-06)
* Updated YouTube download
*KJ: Fixed individual scrolling message edits
*KJ: Songs from YouTube download added to the database will not be used as files, but as database entries (2024-01-27)
* Fixed crash occuring on some machines (2024-01-26)
*KJ: Scrolling message should now work better on AMD/Radeon machines. (2024-01-25)
* Fixed karaoke not playing on Windows 7 (2024-01-24)
*KJ: Fixed issue with scrolling message error on Windows 7

2.4.4 (2024-01-23)
+ Keyboard media buttons now work (in both Player/Recorder and KJ mode)
More info here for Siglos Karaoke Professional:
More info here for Siglos Player/Recorder:
*KJ: New singer announcement screen with increased resolution
+KJ: Added right-click context menus to Singer and Song lists
+KJ: Added option to control if playback will start automatically when 'Proceed automatically' is enabled (Options / KJ cont./ Playback / Wait for Start with automatic playback enabled)
+KJ: Added full label customization for the remote queue (Remote queue settings / Title page / Customize labels / translate)
* Added additional options to YouTube search and playback (2023-12-24)
* Fixed MIDI playback on some systems
*KJ: Fixed problem with scrolling message crashing with long messages
* Updated YouTube search and playback (2023-10-31)
* Updated YouTube search and playback (2023-10-10)
* Updated YouTube
*KJ: Fixed scrolling message getting cut of on high-DPI displays (2023-08-23)
+ A new file is created for every recording. Option to switch this feature off is in Settings / Recording
+ Updated YouTube playback (2023-07-19)
*KJ: Fixed incorrect times in rotation lists
* All settings should save properly in 'Save settings' (2023=07-18)
*KJ: It is possible to customize 'Your name' label in Remote Queue settings / Other
*KJ: Fixed program not responding after Go Next for long fade-in and -out times (2023-07-15)
* YouTube playback updated
*KJ: Active player is always visible in Rotation
* Fixed playlist color on black themes
+KJ: Added 'Show in remote queue' to Songs Database search
* Playlist should display properly in dark themes (2023-06-30)
* Fixed issue with program freezing on high contrast displays (2023-06-22)
* Fixed CD loading with online database disabled
* Issue with PNG background files fixed (2023-06-05)
+KJ: Added option to enable/disable inactive background aspect ratio (KJ settings advanced page)
* Added Invidious as a backup for YouTube search (2023-06-01)
* Updated YouTube download (2023-05-29)
* Updated YouTube search (shorts are now filtered out)
*KJ: Singer announcement for the past singer should disappear faster
* Updated video playback (2023-05-16)
* Display problem with solid backgrounds fixed
* Added 'No margins' option for CD+G, eliminating margin (2023-05-11)
* Video background scaling fixed
* Lyrics advance now is not inverted
* Fixed YouTube playback for some songs (2023-05-11)
* Minor issue with PartyTyme subscription fixed
* Display should be smoother on slower computers (2023-05-10)
* Fixed issue with artifacts in CD+G backgrounds
* Fixed freeze when changing background types
* 'Go To next starts the song' works properly now (2023-05-09)
* Lyrics advance for CD+G does not skip audio
* Changed background video playback (Mode 1 or Mode 0 in Advanced Settings) (2023-05-02)
* YouTube search allows to paste link into Artist field and will use the same video (2023-04-25)
* Fixed issue with Settings/General not closing on some machines (2023-04-27)
* Fixed lyrics adjustment not working
* KJ: Long fade-in and -out times do not block the interface anymore
* Audio Processor now works with video files (2023-04-18)
+ It is now possible to apply sharpening to the CD+G lyrics, making them extra-crisp
* CD+G rendering now is even faster (2023-04-15)
*KJ: New scrolling message algorithm that should fix the flickering issue (2023-04-13)
+ Added maximum internal resolution for CD+G (lower if display does not refresh fast enough)
* Improved CD+G lyrics smoothness
+KJ: Added scrolling message refresh frequency parameter (2023-04-12)
* Fixed problem with CD+G files with scrolling
* Fixed crashing when opening ZIP files with incorrect time stamp (2023-04-11)
* Fixed solid background bug in CD+G files with resolution increase
*KJ: Fixed scrolling message flickering
+ Added smooth sweeps
+KJ: Added sorting to all columns in Songs database and Add Singer
*KJ: Scan for silence in Edit song now works for ZIP files
+KJ: It is now possible to quickly add a single song in Song Database using QuickAdd button or dropping file
* Fixed issue with remote queue song removal blocking the show
*KJ: Time to reserve for empty singers can be now larger than 100 seconds
+KJ: Remote queue: Added option to include empty singers in queue (Advanced settings page)
* Active item now shows in red even if selected
+ Added folder slideshow option to inactive background
+KJ: Settings are now being backed up in ZIP file along with the database
+KJ: Added options to increase font size in Quick Songs and Quick Singers
+KJ: Remote Queue: Added option to change the label for secret number in Remote queue settings / Other

*KJ: Removed automatic Live Folder runs

+KJ: Added playing time to Songs Database
*KJ: IP resets if connected to a different network
*KJ: Updated duplicates management in Add Singer when opened from remote queue


* Updated YouTube playback

* KJ: Duplicates are now listes in Add Singer window if invoked from remote queue request list

* KJ: Fixed adding duplicate songs in remote queue

* KJ: Added 'Merge duplicates' in Songs Database / Tools

* Updated YouTube download and playback

*KJ: Fixed singer renaming after editing singer properties

+KJ: Added PartyTyme subscription support
+KJ: Added format filter to Add Song
* Updated YT downloader
+KJ: Added advanced search in Songs Database
+KJ: Added option to hide streamable songs in remote queue
+KJ: Added option to hide search button in remote queue

*KJ: Fixed user preset loading
+KJ: Added PDF list printing to Songs Database / Tools
* Fixed tempo change for video formats

* Fixed equalizer presets

*KJ: Fixed problem with MP3 tag import

*KJ: Small fix when 'Wait for songs' is enabled and empty singers are on the list

*KJ: Added 'Disable' for individual items in Singer Announcement
*KJ: Added initial window placement and 'Arrange windows' to View menu
*KJ: Added 'Locate' button in song properties so you can change the file for the song
*KJ: Fixed issue with 'Wait for songs' enabled and two singers with no songs in a row
*KJ: Sorting in 'Edit singers' is now case insensitive
*KJ: Fixed adding empty singer and then moving it in the rotation

*KJ: Added reading MP4 metadata

*Fixed issue with program closing unexpectedly on some machines

*KJ: Auto playback should now start when adding do empty playlist
*KJ: Fixed Validate Songs (songs were scanned for playing time regardless of option, which resulted in long processing time)
*KJ: Fixed problem with song history empty in Add Singer on some machines
* Fixed problem with background video not playing in loop

* Fixed problems with false positive detections by antivirus

*KJ: Songs from YouTube search are now being added to the database. You may disable this in Add Singer / Setting
*KJ: YouTube search gets Artist and Title from the video name

* Updated Youtube search and download
* Siglos can add itself to applications allows to access folders protected by Windows Defender. This prevented accessing CD drives if Ransomware Protection was enabled

* Fixed problem with incorrect placement of Full Screen window

* Updated CD database lookup
* Updated YouTube playback
+KJ: Added 'Merge' button to 'Edit Singers' window
*KJ: Fixed problem with collections

+ Set GnuDB as main CD database

* Fixed full screen window placement with two monitors

+ Added a message when a file cannot be opened and a switch to disable the message

* Updated YouTube download

+KJ: Remote searches should now work better with international characters

+ Multiplex now works with video files

+ Updated non-latin character support

+ Youtube download options should now stick between sessions

* Updated video playback compatibility for some songs

* Fixed reading non-latin characters from MP3 tags

* Fixed issue with audio or video not being played for some files

+KJ: Added 'Update' to 'Edit song' window that allows to scan the song and set the duration

* International characters should show properly in YouTube searches
* KJ: Added 'Reset multiplex for new song' option to Settings / KJ2

* KJ: Updated browser compatibility

* KJ: Minor stability fix

* KJ: Fixed incorrect presentation of international characters

* KJ: Fixed remote queue not showing results on Chrome browsers in some conditions

+ KJ: Added message to host in remote queue
* KJ: Instant sounds play on correct output device
+ KJ: 'Add empty' allows to add singer without songs to reserve place in rotation
* KJ: Remote queue cache will now update on database change

* Problems with browsing for folders fixed
* Monitor sizes should be detected correctly in Windows 10

* Updated YouTube playback -- now every song plays without downloading
+ Added vertical MIDI flip to Display settings
+ Added new scrolling backgrounds (wide-dark and wide-light)
* Updated video playback and codecs, should play even more formats (including MKV)
* KJ: Fixed status display for long song names

* Fixed rare performance issue caused by visualizer plugin
* Updated YouTube downloader

* Fixed problem with playback of MP4 without audio track with silence detection enabled

* Fixed problem with MP4 playback from Fill-In list


* Update YouTube download


+ KJ: Added Audio Panel


* Lyrics advance setting now also works with videos


+ KJ: Added 'Skip instrumentals' for CD+G playback
+ KJ: It is now possible to edit skip silence and instrumentals per song
* Fixed rare problem with Siglos crashing when reading CD+G discs
+ Position for full screen window can now be set manually by editing coordinates

* KJ: Added silence detection for all file formats

* KJ: Fixed random playback in Fill-in list

* Updated scrolling display compatibility (smooth scrolling now works if available)
* Improved 'Add directory' for large directory trees


* KJ: Singers that have been added, but have not sung, are now displayed in Edit Singers
+ KJ: We have added a possibility to edit multiple songs at one in Song Database window
* Updated YouTube search/download
* Updated YouTube search
* Fixed error when opening files with non-latin characters
* Updated YouTube search
* Fixed issue with some WMV files not playing
* Updated YouTube search
* Fixed issue with scrolling CD+Gs
* Updated YouTube download
* Updated YouTube search
* Updated disc content lookup
* Updated YouTube downloads
* Updated YouTube search
* KJ: Add Singer options: Setting to keep songs in history after deleting them from the rotation

* Youtube download update
* KJ: Minor fixes

*KJ: Fixed rotation order when removing song from remote queue

* KJ: Fixed incorrect trial limit in remote requests

* KJ: Updated minor issue with connectkaraoke.com

* Updated YouTube downloader
* KJ: Improved connectkaraoke.com speed

* Updated YouTube downloader
* KJ: Fixed crash when AddSinger was open with remote queue
* KJ: Fixed song search in remote queue / My Songs
* KJ: Added keyboard shortcut for tempo change { and }
* KJ: Added tempo reset for new songs option

* Updated YouTube downloader
* KJ: Updated query cache in the remote queue
+ KJL Query cache is now fast-loaded

* Update YouTube downloader

* Updated YouTube downloader
+ KJ: Added song re-import

* Updated YouTube downloader to work after changes in YT

* Fixed CD track length for some discs
* Fixed WMV playback on some computers

* KJ: Fixed the problem with missing key changer in Remote Queue
* KJ: Trailing space will not break singer name search

* KJ: Updated checkbox look on remote display
* KJ: Fixed 'Require initial' persistence
* KJ: It is now possible to enter 0 in 'Number of singers to show' setting of scrolling message
* KJ: Fixed: Apostrophy in remote search for song does not bring empty results anymore

* Optimized code for very long playlists
* Update YouTube downloader
* KJ: Fixed problem with Siglos crashing after start

* Updated YouTube downloader
+ KJ: Added direct link without code to internet server
+ KJ: Added 'This is my first request tonight' option to mark first time singers
+ KJ: Added addtional name checking in Remote Queue / Settings / General

* KJ: Added internet server to the remote queue

* KJ: Various fixes, mostly in remote queue

* KJ: Remote interface should now work properly even on old browsers (eg. Safari 5)

* KJ: Added extra option to history export
* Updated YouTube downloader

* Added option to disable automatic playback after file is loaded

* Fixed problem with some CDG songs that used scrolling

* KJ: Fixed crash when building remote cache with large databases
* KJ: Spaces are now handled correctly in singer names

* KJ: Fixed the problem with database update crash

+ KJ: Remote access: It is now possible to modify the order of welcome page buttons
+ KJ: Remote access: Key change and remarks can be removed

* Updated YouTube downloader
* KJ: Fixed song matching for remote access with disabled PIN

* Bug fixes

* KJ: Fixed problem with international characters in remote searches
* KJ: Cache indicator now displays progress as a tooltip.

* Updated YouTube
+ KJ: Added song collections

* KJ: Fixed problem with apostrophes in Singer Announcement screen
* KJ: Fixed remote queue window position reseting
* KJ: File path now shows properly in Add Singer
* YouTube downloader updated

* KJ: Remote access: Added more title page image options
* KJ: Remote access: Added option to disable secret codes

* KJ: Remote access: Fixed multiple song listings in 'New songs'
* KJ: Remote access: Fixed non-clickable areas in song lists
* KJ: Remote access: Fixed problems with matching singers

* Updated YouTube downloader
* Updated help file

* KJ:
+ Added 'New songs' button and appropriate settings
* All characters should now display properly in remote title
* Many bugfixes

* Upgraded Youtube downloader

* KJ:
* Fixed problems with cookies, added separate links for cookie-less mode (allows to have cookies enabled on customers' phones and disabled on general-use tablets)
* Singer name is editable when no user is logged on
* Logged singers should match correctly now
* Singer history removals are permanent

* KJ:
+ Added QR code generator to remote queue network settings

* KJ:
+ Added user login in remote queue
+ Added buttons to erase remote queue history
+ Added Singer Properties button in Add Singer
+ Added 'My Songs' to remote interface
+ Added queue operations to remote interface for logged in users

* KJ:
+ Remote queue columns are now moveable and order/size is kept between sessions

* KJ:
* Added remote request page color selector
* Added image as welcome page header

* KJ:
* Fixed welcome screen on phones

* KJ:
* Fixed problem with search not loading in full
+ Added 'Most popular songs'

* KJ:
+ Added sticky header to remote request page
+ Added double-click action to remote queue list
+ Added context menu to remote queue list
+ Added cache indicator in remote queue dialog
* Number of requests limit should work properly in auto mode


* KJ: Added remote request queue

+ Added custom extensions to Add directory in Playlist

* Updated YouTube download due to changes on YT pages

* Fixed restoring singer announcement settings

* Fixed problems with reverting to default settings on some machines


* Fixed problems introduced by Windows 10 Creators Update

* Fixed problem with flashing in regular version


+ KJ: Singer announcement screen has editable resolution
* Several bugfixes


+ Added 'Apply' to Settings dialog
+ Added options to save and restore settings


* KJ: 'Overlay fill-in videos and visualizations with singer annoucement' option works properly
* Fixed problem with FFDShow being used too often
* KJ: Singer announcements should appear faster


* Updated rotation order maintenance (especially when disabling singers)
* Updated visualization problems for inactive background


* Fixed problems with C+G playback on some systems


+ Added audio visualization as possible song and inactive background


* Updated Youtube download to work properly after changes in YouTube


* Added playing time and file format to result list in Add Singer


* KJ: Fixed rotation order when disabling next-to-sing singer
* KJ: Fixed rotation column widths persistence


* Stability and performance changes


+ KJ: Singer / song list divider placement is now restored between sessions
+ KJ: Added 'Do not add above current' option for 'Not sooner than after the following number of singers:' mode in Add Singer
* KJ: Modified Live folders behavoiur, now it prompts to apply the changes, should improve stability


* Updated Youtube download


* KJ: Improved stability


+ Added additional diagnostics for troubleshooting


* Fixed YouTube playback caused by changes on YouTube website


* Fixed playback problems


* All YouTube downloads should now play correctly


* Fixed problem with playing some video files with enabled equalizer


* Fixed problem with YouTube downloads


+ Added 10-band graphic equalizer
* KJ: Fixed problem with New Session


+ KJ: Added singer countdown
+ Added resizing to Play from youtube


+ Added automatic run checkbox to Audio Processor


* KJ: Fixed crash when dragging from Quick songs to singer's song list
* KJ: Updated rotation auto save
* Updated YouTube downloader


+ KJ: Added last sung to list of songs in Add Singer


* KJ: Dropping singer from Quick singer into any place in rotation
+ KJ: Added singer preset, which allows to save song sets for the singer
* KJ: Added 'Add before current' in Add Singer


* KJ: QuickSinger list is now updated if singers are added/removed
+ KJ: it is possible to drag singers to change they position in rotation


* Updated YouTube download
* PRO: Column widths in rotation window are now saved between sessions
* PRO: Improved Add singer search speed for large databases


+ KJ: Both directions of sort available in Quick songs and Quick singers
+ KJ: Added context menu when right-clicking on song in Quick songs


* Random image slideshow should work better


* KJ: Singer key is now correcly assigned when adding from Quick Songs
* KJ: Rotation list in Add Singer position list has correct singer names
+ KJ: Added additional fields and sorting in Add Singer / Edit singers
+ Video backgrounds can be animated GIFs (one restriction: width needs to be a multiple of 4)


+ KJ: Added selected singer mode to Quick Songs
+ KJ: Added maximum number of songs on the result list in Add Singer (changeable in Add Singer settings)
+ KJ: Added additional resizing options to Add Singer settings


* Fixed bug with multiple monitor full screen problems on Windows 10
* Added Enhanced Renderer for better Windows 10 compatibility


* PRO: More database performance fixes

* PRO: Fixed In and Last Perf. display issues


* PRO: Added Quick Songs and Quick Singers


+ CDG part is loaded automatically if MP3 file is played


* Several bugs fixed


* PRO: Added settings to Add Singer dialog


* PRO: Fixed bug in Add singer dialog with wrong items in the song list


* FIX: YouTube playback updated
* PRO: Interactive search character limit now works in Manage Song Database dialog
+ PRO: Currently selected song is kept when changing singer


* New video playback methods
* Lots of bugfixes
+ PRO: Adding Youtube videos directly to the database


+ Added 'Live Folders' that are scanned automatically for new songs
+ Added 'Date sung' to singer history export
* Many stability and bug fixes


* Updated YouTube download, all songs should be downloadable again


+ PRO: Added custom singer announcements in Singer Properties


+ PRO: Fixed some problems with Wait for songs.


+ PRO: Added singer properties window


+ PRO: You may drag and drop files and folders onto Database Import window for fast import


* PRO: Fixed some problems with 'Wait for songs'
+ PRO: Singer announcements are now displayed over video fill-ins


+ PRO: Added 'Edit Singers' in Add Singer window
+ PRO: New venue control
+ PRO: Added 'Wait for songs' switch that allows to keep singers without songs in rotation
+ PRO: When database import fails, it will restart omitting the file that caused the problem


* PRO: Videos can now be added to fill-in list
* Fixed problem with ZIP file import


+ Now it is possible to add videos to instant sounds/videos


* Fixed YouTube download (it did not work for some songs)


* Improved speed of file search in database import
* Files with Unicode character in names can now be loaded in Player/Recorder
+ Added CD reading speed to CD settings


* Fixed Youtube button misplacement in Add Singer


+ Added YouTube playback and download
+ Added panning video backgrounds
+ Windows are not forced to primary screen on program restart


* PRO: Fixed blinking Start button


* Fixed problem with fill-in list not advancing to next song
* Added 'Wait X seconds before allowing Go To Next'


+ In playlist window DEL key removes a song and ENTER key starts the playback
* Playback starts automatically when loading song on startup
+ Added Minimize button to the default skin
* PRO: Added keyboard shortcuts to rotation lists
+ PRO: Added Eject button to playlist window
+ PRO: It is possible to drag and drop items on the rotation song list
+ PRO: Added disc ID to history export


* Modified tempo changed for video files

2.0.7 (2012-07-31)

+ Added possibility to enable old style scrolling message
* Fixed problem with Audio Processor not working correctly with MCG files
* Fixed problems if Siglos encountered song deleted from disc

2.0.6 (2012-06-15)

* Fixed singer renaming
* Fixed problem with not opening files of incorrect system time (ie. pre 1970 dates)
* Fixed problem with singer and venue names using quotes

2.0.5 (2012-05-13)

+ Added custom full screen position
* PRO: Modified scrolling message (now is displayed below or above the image)
* Fixed crash when switching from camera background to images
* PRO: Fixed preview window when no song is playing
* PRO: Fixed bug when disabling current singer
* PRO: Fixed suppression of fill-in playback on startup if option is not checked
* PRO: Fixed singer history search with 'no venue' option
+ PRO: Added key and tempo to history export. Added header row in exported file.
* Background video now does not start over each time
+ PRO: Added option 'Don't repeat multiple times' to prevent scrolling message to repeat itself in

2.0.4 (2012-05-06)

* PRO: Fixed singer history search bug

2.0.3 (2012-05-02)

* PRO: Preview works with MIDI files
* Fixed crash on some systems when opening Settings dialog box

2.0.2 (2012-05-01)

* Fixed problem with comboboxes not displayed correctly on lower screen resolutions

2.0.1 (2012-04-24)

+ CD+G enhancements have been aded
+ New visual skin
+ Recording device selection in Settings/Record
+ Tempo changer added
* (Pro) Add Singer window has smaller font on lower resolution screens
+ Folders can be dropped onto playlist
+ (Pro) Added 'Edit Song' button to Add Singer dialog that allows to fix database entry
+ (Pro) Added 'Show ends' information
* Fixed WMV playback in background window
+ (Pro) Added singer removal to singer history search
+ Images (and folders with images) can be dropped on Settings/Display window


+ Added 'Append' to Presets dialog box


* Fixed problem with scrolling message when fill-in was playing
+ Added sorting by headers to Manage song database dialog box
+ Column width in Add Singer and Manage song database now are persistent
* Fixed inactive singer display in the scrolling message
+ Added local FreeDB database support
+ Added 'On new session start fill-in playback from the next song' option to KJ cont.


* Scrolling message now is proportionally resized for non-karaoke screne
+ Add Singer dialog box does not have to be closed to operate the rotation (and option to disable it in Settings/KJ cont.)
+ Added 'Extra text' to singer announcement. This can be used to display various messages
+ Added option to display announcement screen even if no singer is in queue (Settings/KJ cont.)


* Fixed crash if inactive background image was deleted
+ Added audio device selection in Settings/General
* Fixed arrow control in scrolling message speed (Settings/KJ)
+ Added genre to song export
+ Added scrolling message to inactive screen and announcement screen
* Fixed volume mute when pressing Next on the main player window


* Fixed rotatio0n being destroyed if file was open from command shell
* Fixed dropping files on main window in KJ mode
* Next time now calculated correctly for rotations with inactive singers
+ Added 'Hide next' to hide singers in the scrolling messages


* Fixed MIDI playback error


* Fixed history export search filter
* Fixed 'Old drag-and-drop behaviour' persistance between sessions
* Improved importing speed for large amounts of songs (10,000+)


* Added 'Maximum words per line' to MIDI settings
* KJ: Fixed MIDI playback in Pro mode
+ KJ: Added history export


+ Added Instant Sounds


* Improved MCG compatibility
* Fixed video background playback on some machines
* Fixed key not being reset to 0 when activating fill-in list
* Fixed problem with long song loading time when scan for silence was enabled
+ Added old drag-and-drop functionality in KJ mode (enabled via KJ cont. in Settings)


* Fixed bug that caused program to crash when background camera was enabled, but unavailable
+ Added WMV to the list of supported extensions
* Forced usage of FFDShow filter if video rendering fails. This should fix problems with preview display in some cases
* Added forced rescale for video playback
+ Added possibility to search by filename in Add Singer search (enabled in Settings/KJ cont.)
+ Siglos Pro: When file is dropped on rotation window Add Singer will open automatically with the dropped song selected


* Even better camera compatibility


* Fixed camera background on some systems
+ Added camera for inactive background


* One more small tweak done in MP3 playback for fill-in list


+ Added camera as background for karaoke playback
+ Added fade-out for 'Restart' button
* Fixed singer announcement lag after song completed
* Fixed MP3 playback problem for some fill-in MP3 files


* Fixed fade-out problem when 'Go to next' button was pressed
* Fixed problem with background video on some XP machines


* Fixed CD playback when 'Make Song Next' is used.


* Fixed fill-in list stopping when promp to insert CD appears
* Stability fixes
* Fixed problem with volume setting on some machines


+ Added MCG support
+ Added check for large background images
* Fixed non-random background image display, they are now displayed in sequence song after song
* Removed duplicate song warning for CD tracks
* Fixed CD tracks being lost from rotation after program crash
* Fixed problem with screen blink when adding singers with Singer Announcement turned off
+ Added search scope filter to history searches in Add Singer
+ Added video backgrounds
+ Added 'Quick play' do 'Manage song database' window
+ Inactive background can now be a video file


* Fixed bug causing crash in non-KJ mode
+ Added possibility to change 'Following singers are: ' string in KJ/Settings
+ 'Lyrics advance' in General/Settings works immediately after OK (ie. with current song)
* Fixed problem with tempo change in Add Singer


* Added several stability fixes


* Fixed 'Incorrect argument' error when opening Add Singer dialog on computers with low resolution


+ Added song history removal buttons next to song list


* Fixed removing songs from history
* Fixed 'Make current song' for singer already singing
* Stability fixes


+ Fixed problem with adding files in Add Singer dialog


+ Added changeable database file location in Settings/KJ Cont
+ Add Singer window is now sizeable
+ Added multiple selection to song and singer history in Add Singer (it serves to remove multiple items)
+ Singer history now has two remove buttons -- one to remove all songs for singer and singer itself, and other to remove single song


+ Added unmatched file import in Import Database
+ Added sorting by track number in Add Singer


* Added a fix for MPEG2 playback on Windows 7


* Fixed background change crash
* Dragging files to the empty fill-in playlist does not break the current song
+ Added Loop to fill-in playlist (it will go to the first song once the last finishes)


* Fixed 'Automatically play the playlist after loading' -- it works as expected in non-KJ mode now
+ Added 'Keep aspect ratio' for image slideshow
* Changes to background mode take effect immediately (even when the song is playing)
+ Added possibility to search by Song ID in Add Singer search
+ Added possibility to change MIDI resolution in Settings/Display


* Compatibility recompilation (should not cause problems when McAfee is running)
* Fixed XML database export with extended characters


* Program no longer freezes when reading most corrupted MP3 and ZIP files
* Adding new singer with the option 'Place after current singer' now works as expected


Professional version:
* Fixed singer screen flashing or disapearing when adding singer
* Fixed recording in Professional mode


Home version:
* Fixed playlist resizing with Iconic Medium skin

Professional version:
+ Added database backup
+ Added key reset for new songs option in KJ (cont.)


Professional version only:
* Recording is disabled in KJ mode with option to enable it in Settings


* KMA support yet better
* Add extra code to increase stability
+ Added 'Keep 4:3 aspect ratio' for full-screen on non 4:3 displays
+ Added 'Randomize' to fill-in list


* Improved KMA compatibility, most KMA files should play properly now
* Presets should now save correctly


+ Rotation presets are now saved in the database (siglos.db file)


* Lyrics advance now works in MIDI files as well


+ Added singer name to playlist export (Tools/Export Playlist)
+ Added compatible MP3 decoding in Settings/General (use if songs end before end)


* Modified MP3 reading code in Audio Processor


* Fixed songs ending prematurely for songs where CDG file was shorter than MP3


* Fixed some playback problems


+ Added tag support to KMA import


* Fixed key changer for non-CDG files


* Playlist font change works in non-KJ mode in Pro version
+ Added song advance on fill-in list (KJ options cont.)


+ Fixed bug causing music to stop when modifying fill-in list


+ Siglos Pro: Added Custom extensions to Import Songs


* Fixed MIDI playback problems on some machines


* Fixed FFDShow compatibility issue
* Fixed memory issues with MP3+G playback


+ Added 'Lyrics advance' to General options -- it allows to display CD+G lyrics ahead of the music
+ Added 'Automatically play the playlist after loading' to General options (before it was on by default)


* Fixed bug causing singers not being written to the history


+ Siglos Pro: Added tempo changer


* Fixed some problems with scrolling message (hidden text was displayed for next singers)
* Closing confirmation may be disabled in Settings/KJ
* Fixed resizing problem in fill-in playlist
+ Added rotation presets
* CD missing message can now be disabled


* Fixed installation problems on some machines


* Added 'Validate database' button. It allows to remove missing files or search for songs on a different volumes


* One more volume problem fix. Fill-in and main volume are now fully separate and maintained between sessions


* Fixed problems with volume


+ Added track number to database export
+ Added track number search to 'Add Singer'
+ Added trigger value for interactive search results for 'Add Singer'
+ Added separate volume for Fill In playlist


* Fixed minor bug in Import Songs dialog


+ Added shortcuts for << and >>
* Fixed error causing incorrect display of the last line of some MIDI files


Siglos Pro:
+ Added comma detection in artist names (Beatles, The -> The Beatles)
+ Scrolling message may now be displayed in the top of the screen
+ More than one singer may be displayed in the scrolling message


* Fixed missing audio for some ZIP files


Siglos Pro:

* Added WMA+G support to database import
* Added extra tracks to CD dialog (it was impossible to select the track if it was >20)


* Fixed song history list removal
* Added 'Remove entire history' to History options dialog box


* Fixed scrolling message bug (it now skips inactive singers)
* Fixed lyrics window responsivenes to mouse clicks


* Fixed bug in Siglos Pro causing program to freeze when scanning for silence on some systems


* Fixed critical bug in Siglos Pro


* Fixed DivX playback in Siglos Professional
* Fixed column order in Database Import Results
+ Added multimatch search to history dialogs
+ Added full customization of Singer Announcement screen in Settings/KJ
+ Added 'Eject CD' button to CD track notification dialog
+ Key change now is remembered per song for each singer


Siglos Karaoke Professional:

* Added prompt if adding second same song for the singer
* Warning is displayed if only disabled singers/songs are left


Siglos Karaoke Professional:

* Updated Help
* Several bugfixes
* Database import speed up


Siglos Karaoke Professional:
* 'Add and continue' button added to Add Singer dialog
* It is possible to remove songs and singers from history
* Added additional prompt when adding singer already in the database
* Added time column selectors in KJ Settings
* Added venue support
* Added 'Goto next starts new song'
* Fade-out defined in 'Settings/General' works when using 'Goto next'
* Double-clicking a singer on rotation list opens 'Add Song' dialog
* Added 'Add Singer' list font size modifier to KJ Settings
* Added small version of 'Add Singer' so it works on 800x600 screen


Siglos Karaoke Professional:
* Rotation is now autosaved in case of system crash
* Decreased song loading time
* Added 'Always On Top' to View menu
* Added 'History Options' to Add Singer
* List font and selected/disabled colors are changeable in Settings/KJ
* Scrolling text settings are added to Settings/KJ
* Fixed 'Move To Next' not working in some cases
* Added Preview refresh time to Settings
* Preview is resizeable
* Added sorting to lists in Add Singer dialog box


Siglos Karaoke Professional (beta):
* Fixed bug causing the program to crash if used for a long time
* Fixed file matching rule bug
* Added KAR and MID formats to database import dialog box
* Added silence skipping at the beginning and at the end of CD+G songs (Settings/KJ)
* Completely redid rotation management
* Added help file


Siglos Karaoke Professional (beta):
* Modified import dialog box -- now it is possible to import using custom templates
* Added disc track # and filename to the song list in database view
* Database view is resizeable
* Added partial match to global search (ie. 'hot ea' will find 'Hotel California' by 'The Eagles' and 'On The Air' by 'Hot Dogs')
* Modified singer name display -- text inside parentheses is hidden, so you may add extra text to differentiate singers (eg. 'John (tall)' versus 'John (blonde)')
* Added singer rotation management
* Settings does not stop the playback
* It is now possible to add CD+G discs and files (not imported into the database) to the queue
* Added 'Rename singer' to 'Add Singer' dialog
* Added 'Restart' button
* It is possible to display the remaining song time instead of current position (change in Settings)


* Fixed errors with opening some ZIP files


* Various bugfixes


* Added TrackType online database that replaces FreeDB


+ Added Siglos Audio Processor
+ Modified multiple monitor support (important if you have more than two monitors)
* Improved Add Directory
* Files load faster


* Improved random image ordering
+ Added advanced recording settings

1.1.7 (2007-10-09)

+ Added video files filter to 'Open File' dialog
+ Added 'Export Playlist' command to Toolbox
* Fixed bug causing to crash when opening Settings dialog on some machines