Power Karaoke software

About us (2024-04-24)
* Minor fix in CD+G generator (2024-04-22)
* Fixed issue that caused error when too many events were used (2024-04-08)
+ Mouse scroll now works in waveform view (CTRL + mouse scroll to zoom, without CTRL to move)
* Fixed issue with waveform not displaying correctly for some songs (2024-03-25)
* VIDEO: Fixed problem with letter placement for some fonts (2024-03-19)
* VIDEO: Fixed Text Area problem
* VIDEO: Fixed incorrect placing of text with umlauts
* VIDEO: Fixed issue with background image inverted (2024-03-12)
* Preview is now resizeable (2024-03-10)
* Toolbar should now size correctly
* VIDEO: Preview update speed is much better now (2024-02-22)
*CDG: Set Text Area event now has an option to keep the text area for the rest of the song (2024-02-06)
* Improved CD+G import
+ Added LRC export (2023-04-05)

* Improved undo (cursor stays in place now)
* Fixed problem with label dragging
+ VIDEO: Updated MP4 encoding (x265 available)

+ Added PgUp and PgDn to editor

* VIDEO: Added 'Half by half' display mode
* Fixed problems with low bitrate audio

* VIDEO: Added 'Half by half' display mode
* VIDEO: Fixed issue with lines per screen not being set correctly by text event
* VIDEO: SetTextArea event is now available

* Fixed problem with some duet songs in Video Creator


* Minor bugfixes


* Improved compatibility with high resolution displays

* Fixed text alignment issues in styles

+ Video: Added videos with transparent alpha channel

* Fixed problems with loading files from older versions

* CDG Pro: Fixed problem with duet songs when using Both mode

+ Improved text file import (UTF-8 files are detected correctly)

* Fixed international character import in MIDI

* VIDEO: Fixed problem with italic 'f' character display

* Fixed a problem with looping background video

* VIDEO: Fixed background image problem in some songs

* Updated LRC import

* Fixed problem with CDG import with languages pack installed

* Fixed international character import from LRC files

* VIDEO: Fixed problem with some background videos

* Improved CD+G import
* Fixed issue with lyrics not following the playback
* Fixed issue with loading songs from older versions

+ CDG Pro: Added option to set exact time for bitmaps until paint starts/until fully painted

* CDG: Exact time setting of title image is now obeyed

* CDG: Minor fix of image reading


* Fixed: Color reduction in some images


* Fixed problems with current line sync
* VIDEO: 'Additional spacing' now can be negative
* VIDEO: Fixed problem with title image in full duet mode


+ Video and Pro versions allow to change colors in lyrics editor via File / Preferences / Color scheme

* Updated image scaling/color reduction


+ Added Text Snippets


+ VIDEO: Added setting to control how early will lines appear in overwrite mode


* Various bug fixes and compatibility upgrade


* Fixed international character support in Styles dialog


* Fixed countdowns in no sweep mode

* Minor bug fixes

* Improved text recognition in CD+G import


* Fixed current line synchronization problems


+ VIDEO: Added MP4 encoding with FFmpeg (H-264 support, better compatibility, faster processing)
* Updated Style dialog
+ Fixed crash with some MIDI file import


+ Added Unicode support to LRC import
+ Improved CD+G import in some rare cases (eg. for lyrics with shadow)


+ Added software MIDI converter (increases speed and quality and makes it independed of the soundcard)


* Fixed problem with importing songs when scrolling was used


* Fixed additional languages pack for CD+G Import download


* CD+G Import: Added title and credits images detection
+ CD+G Import: Added additional languages support


* Video: Background videos now loop correctly
* CD+G: Fixed error with 'Insert silence at the beginning' with BIN files


* Improved 'Insert Clear screen at optimal positions'
* Improevd line breaking
* Improved performance
* Minor bug fixes


* Fixed international accented characters positioning in video creator
* Fixed browse button for background files in video creator


* Added Karaoke Builder file format import (File menu)


* (Video) Fixed title and credit images for high resolutions

+ (Video) Added gradient effect
+ (Video) Added separate color for shadow
+ (Video) Added 'Apply' to Video Settings window
* (Video) Video Settings window remembers last selected tab
+ (Video) Added common resolutions
+ (Video) Added panning video backgrounds
+ (Video) Added default settings controls to Video File Setting / Presets

* Video files can now be used as soundtracks
+ Added 'Load from current song' to style editor
* Improved text recognition in Import CD+G File
- Removed convertion functions from Toolbox menu of CD+G Creator (they are obsolete, better convertion is in Power CD+G Burner)


+ Added CD+G Import
* Disabled FPR file creation, they are not needed
+ Added text case converting commands in Edit menu
+ Added 'Remove all events' command in Edit menu and in context menu of the lyrics editor
* Changed default font to 'Calibri'
+ Added 'Insert 'Clear Screen' at optimal positions' command to Edit menu
+ Added overwrite warning when creating CDG files


* Fixed problem with line positioning for songs with umlaut characters
* Soundfile zoom is now being saved in PK2 file


* Fixed problem that occured when applying styles


* Fixed overwrite problem in some duet songs
* Fixed wrong highlighting in scrolling mode
* Fixed MP3 soundtrack misalignment for some files
* Fixed problem with outline larger than 3
* (Video) Fixed line spacing mismatch in some files


+ Added Pause button to Wizard/Synchronize
+ Song title and artist name are read automatically from ID3 tags in MP3 files
* 'Search the web for lyrics' now reads tags from MP3 file
* Song title and artist name now are reset for new documents
* Fixed problem with song playback speed not reverting to 1x


* Modified playback and synchronization routines. Program should be much more stable and responsive
+ Added volume control


* Fixed initial bitmap length calculation
* Fixed file extensions mask for MPG and FLV formats
+ Added 'Play from start' button
+ Added 'Apply blur' to display settings in Video Creator to stay compatible with old Power Video Karaoke


* Fixed duet display for simple duet mode


* Fixed problem with crashes on video rendering
* Modified balance in vocal remover


* Fixed vocal remover crash
* Fixed slowdown for WAV files
+ Added Erase delay in video settings (it delays erasing of the line that has been sung)


* Video Creator: Allowed resolutions larger than 1024x1024


* Fixed bug that caused crashing on some soundfiles


* CD+G: Modified text rendering for low size fonts


+ Added on-the-fly converting to WAV for MP3 files. Use this is you are experiencing playback problems (to enable it go to File/Preferences)
+ (CD+G Only) Added 'Support complex scripts' setting -- disable it if you are not using multi-character scripts like Thai or Arabic


* CD+G: Fixed problem with text parameters being changed if Text Settings events were used


* Fixed crash when moving mutliple labels
* Fixed incorrect credits image display in full stereo mode


* Fixed crashing when editing lyrics


* Small fix in LRC import
* Fixed line positioning in Video Creator


Video & CD+G:
+ Added LRC import

+ Added 'Disable word sweep'

Karaoke Video Creator:
* Fixed problem with credit image display in full duet mode


Karaoke Video Creator:
+ Added MPEG and FLV encoding
* Fixed countdown event save/load problem
* Fixed Unicode font display problems


* Fixed 'Load Soundtrack' problems


* Karaoke Video Creator initial release


! Improved foreign scripts support.