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Siglos Karaoke Professional

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Local network: Quick start

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Before you start using remote queue in Siglos you need to have client devices (customer phones or your kiosk device) connected to the same network as the computer that is running Siglos. You may provide a WiFi router to do this and provide your customers with a password to connect to the router.


1. To enable the remote interface in Siglos open Remote Queue window using Remote Queue button in Rotation window (button-remotequeue),open Settings, go to Local network card and make sure that Enable local network server option is checked there.


2. If your computer has more than one network interface, select the one used for customers' router in Local server network. Also make a note of a port used by the server (it is 6803 by default). Below you will find the link to provide to the customers. You may generate a QR code for the customers to scan on their phones for fast access. Sample QR code looks like this:



3. When customers go to the address provided by you, they will be presented with the starting page. You can control how this page looks in Remote Queue Settings.




The login icon in top right corner is displayed only if cookies are enabled.


4. Customers have your song book at their fingertips. They can browse, search, and add requests by touching the songs on the list.




Please note that in Browse by artist mode multiple songs by the same artist are combined.


5. When a user selects the song, Siglos displays a form that allows to add the request.




The user is required to choose a secret numeric code that is used as password and prevents other users from adding (and removing) songs on her/his behalf.


When adding song it is possible to request a key change. Remarks field allows to provide the KJ with more information if needed.


6. Requests added by the users are placed in the Remote Queue (unless Auto Add is enabled, see more info here)





Double-clicking on the request adds it to the rotation. You may also choose to open the song and singer in Add Singer using button or a right-click menu item. You may display singer information using Edit Singer button. It allows to match singer from the request to one in your database (see more in Matching singers).


Now you are ready to run your show. Please see below topics for more detailed information on how to adjust remote request functionality to your needs.