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Remote queue

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Remote queue is the control center for most of the remote access functions. When a singer makes a request on their phone, this is where KJ sees the request. It also provides options to control remote access.





The list contains requests done by the singers from the remote devices (unless Auto add is enabled, see below). It displays the name of the singer, the song he/she has chosen and some additional information. The window is resizeable and you can arrange the order of the columns to your liking by dragging and dropping the headers.


Dark blue color mean matched singer. Light blue is a request that had 'This is my first request tonight' option selected when adding a song.


Clicking on the requests selects it and enables you to perform additional actions. You may:


 Add the song to the rotation. This puts the song straight into the rotation.

 Open in Add Singer before adding to the rotation

 Edit Singer in Singer window (only for singers already in the history)

 Use Request details to open full information about the request and allows to match the singer to one from the history

 Remove the request from the list

 Remove All requests

 Add All requests


The area on the bottom allows you to control the remote request engine.


Auto add does not list requests in Remote Queue window, but places them directly into the rotation. You may define exceptions in Remote Queue Settings / General section

Freeze disables the possibility to add requests, but keeps the server running (users can browse the songs).

Go offline blocks the access to the server (both local and internet).


More advanced options (for example choosing to automatically add requests only from registered singers) can be accessed in Settings.


The sphere button displays the current state of the internet server connection (red means error, green - OK, grey - disabled).

The cube button displays the current state of the song list cache (red means loading, yellow - first level done, green - ready).


History opens requests from the past.


Settings opens the Settings window that allows to adjust remote access functionality.