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Matching singers

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As a KJ you probably have a lot of regular singers in your database. You may configure remote queue so your regulars are matched to their database entries.


Users in the database are identified by name and venue (so you can have the same users on different venues). But remote access allows several users of the same name -- they identify themselves using secret code. You may create initial password for your regulars. Do do this go to open singer properties (either from Add Singer / Edit Singers / Properties or by using Edit singer properties button in Rotation window) and you will find two fields that apply to remote request users:




Remote singer name is the name that user enters when logging in or adding songs. Remote queue PIN is his/her secret code.


It is also possible to match singers to existing entries in the database directly from Remote queue window. You need to select the singer on the list of waiting requests and click Edit singer. Then find the singer in the database and finish with Select.