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Siglos Karaoke Professional

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Importing songs

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To start the import process select Manage database button on the playlist window, and then choose Import songs. You may also choose Import songs command from File menu.




First you need to select the root of your song collection (use Change button to do this). Then select file types you would like to import (see Supported file types for the list of supported formats). Include subfolders allows to scan all folders starting from the root folder. Switch it off if you want to scan a single folder only.


Siglos Karaoke Professional scans MP3 files it finds for ID3 tags containing song title and artist name (it also reads ID3 tags of MP3 files inside ZIP files, but it may significantly slow down the performance and is not recommended). If ID3 tag is not found, a parsing rule is applied to the file name. You may select a predefined rule or create a custom one. It is possible to use one of the four data fields (Artist, Title, DiscID, and Track). Choosing Ignore will cause the parser to ignore this part of the file name.



Import rule example
If your song collection is named as this example:
         SC7541_02 - Gary Lewis & The Playboys - This Diamond Ring.cdg
you need to select the following rule:
         DiscID_Track - Artist - Title
The first separator should be '_' (underline), and following separators should be set to ' - ' (minus with spaces before and after).



Once you are done setting the import rule, select OK. Siglos Karaoke Professional will scan your disc (it may take a while for large collection of songs) and will report its findings in Song Import Results dialog box.





Song Import Result dialog box contains all files Siglos Karaoke Professional has found, divided into three groups. First list contains files that either contained ID3 tags, or matched the parsing rule, and were successfully imported into the database. The second list contains the files that matched the file extension, but did not have ID3 tags, nor their names matched the parsing rule. The third list contains files already in the database.


You may manually edit songs that were not matched -- to do this select the song you would like to edit, and then click Edit button. To add edited songs do the database click Add Selected button. Once you are done editing select OK. You will return to Song Database dialog box, which allows you to view and edit all songs currently in the database. Once you are done click OK.