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Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder 2

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Quick start

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Selecting a file to play

Click Load File (button-load-file) button. As standard Open File dialog box will appear allowing you to open karaoke files. The following karaoke formats are supported:


File extension



Also known as MP3+G. CDG files are usually paired with MP3 files. CDG file contains lyrics, while MP3 file contains audio of the song. To open a pair of MP3/CDG files you need to open CDG file only


BIN files contain both lyrics and audio of CD+G song


Karaoke ZIP files contain pairs of CDG/MP3 files


CD+G disc tracks

.kar, .mid

MIDI Karaoke



If you wish to play a CD+G disc, click Load CD (button-load-cd) button (if you have more than one CD drive installed on your computer you may need to select the active drive using Settings (button-settings) button under CD settings.


Once a file is loaded its name will be displayed over the position bar and the file will also be added to the playlist.


If you do not have any karaoke files you may use Search for karaoke on the internet command from Tools menu to find karaoke music.



To start the playback click Play (button-play) button. Playback is controlled using standard buttons -- you may pause the playback anytime you like. If you would like to view the song on the full screen, click Full Screen (button-full-screen) button. To exit the full screen mode press ESC.


To control the volume of the song use Volume slider (button-volume). There are two additional sliders that may be used during the playback. You may change the key of the song using Key change slider (button-key-change) up to 12 semitones (NOTE: key changer is not available for MIDI karaoke). Multiplex slider (button-multiplex) allows to control the level of the vocal on multiplex CD+Gs.



Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder allows you to record your voice as you sing along to the karaoke song. Your computer has to be equipped with a microphone. To learn more how to set up your microphone to use it with Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder see Recording settings.


To start recording click Record (button-record) button. Your singing will be recorded to the file on your hard disc. To listen to it simply play back the karaoke file, but make sure that Recorded vocal on/off (button-recording-playback) button is enabled (it is enabled by default).


Once recording is finished you will be prompted to start Siglos Audio Processor, that allows to mix your recorded singing with the music, producing the file you may email your friends or write to CD.