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Import an existing CD+G file

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One of the most exciting features of Karaoke CD+G Creator is an ability to import existing CD+G songs. This allows to re-edit commercial editions of karaoke songs with endless possibilities -- use this to change font and images, fix broken characters, change lyrics or create parodies. Karaoke CD+G Creator imports both lyrics and synchronization, so the most cumbersome part of the song creation is already done, leaving you all the fun.


To import CD+G song select Import CD+G File command from File menu or click Import CD+G File button on the toolbar.


First you need to select file containing CD+G songs. Two file formats are supported -- CDG BIN file. If you use CDG file, Karaoke CD+G Creator will automatically look for MP3 file of the same name and use it as a soundtrack.


If Insert 'Clear Screen' events automatically is checked, Karaoke CD+G Creator will detect when entire screen is erased in CD+G song and will insert 'Clear Screen' events at the same places in the imported song. This help to maintain the text flow for page-by-page songs (SoundChoice songs give very good results with this option enabled).


Import process takes a while (up to half a minute on a slower computer). Once it is completed you will see the imported lyrics in the lyrics editor. Please check for spelling mistakes, as some of the characters may be recognized incorrectly.


1. Not every song can be imported. Duets are not supported, also songs using scrolling will not import.
2. Optical character recognition (OCR) is not perfect and may sometimes make an error. Please check the lyrics for spelling mistakes.