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Power CD+G Burner 2




Welcome to Power CD+G Burner 2

Power CD+G Burner is an all-in-one solution to CD+G disc burning and ripping. It will burn BIN and CDG/MP3 songs using any MMC/DAO96 compatible CD-R drive and copy CD+G tracks to hard disc.

Burning CD+Gs has never been so easy -- now it is a matter of selecting the files you would like to burn and clicking a button. No more converting, interleaving, CUE sheets -- just click and go!

Most important features of Power CD+G Burner are:

Burns BIN tracks

Burns CDG/MP3 (MP3+G) files

Allows to change the key of the song before burning

Allows to rip CD+G tracks to a hard disc in BIN or CDG+MP3 formats

Copies full CD+G discs or creates compilation of individual tracks

Converts between different karaoke formats

Works with most modern CD-R drives (drive has to be MMC-compatible and has to support DAO/96 mode)

Help topics

How to copy a CD+G disc

How to create a compilation of songs from various discs

How to burn CD+G disc from BIN or MP3+G/CDG files on your hard disc

How to rip CD+G songs from CD+G disc to hard drive


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Evaluating and registering Power CD+G Burner