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Power CD+G Burner 2 Help

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Evaluating and registering Power CD+G Burner

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Power CD+G Burner Evaluating and Registering

How do I unlock Power CD+G Burner?

To unlock Power CD+G Burner you need to purchase the unlock code from PowerKaraoke website. The unlock code will be delivered via email. Once you have it click Unlock button.

If the unlock code has been accepted all limitations will be removed and you will see your name in the About dialog box.

What are the limitation of the evaluation version

Unregistered version of Power CD+G Burner allows you to fully evaluate the software, but has some limitations:

only 5 tracks per CD are permitted

only first minute of the track will be written to CD

in rip mode only first minute of the track will be read from CD

'Unregistered copy' text will be displayed at the top of the window

Unlocked version does not have these limitations.