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Power CD+G Burner 2 Help


Convert mode




This mode allows to convert between various karaoke file formats.


Allowed input formats are:







Power CD+G Burner automatically detects input format based on file extension.


Output formats are:






Settings button next to Destination format allows to defile MP3 encoder settings when creating MP3+G and ZIP files. If you are converting MP3+G to ZIP, no encoding will take place, files will be zipped only.


Files to convert list displays the list of the files that will be processed. There are three ways to populate the list:


Add files using Add button: this allows to add one or more file from a single folder

Add entire folder and subfolders with Add Folder button: you may select the folder, choose to include subfolders (displayed as Recursive), and define which file extensions should be taken into account

Drag and drop files onto Power CD+G Burner window


Destination folder defines where will the files be written to. You may output the files to the same folder as the source files, or you may choose a different folder. Checking Keep folder structure will retain the folder tree when processing folders with subfolders.


Delete original will cause the original file to be deleted after converting has succeeded.