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Power CD+G Burner 2 Help

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How to burn CD+G disc from BIN or MP3+G/CDG files on your hard disc

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How to burn CD+G disc from files on your hard disc


Select Burn tab


Add files you would like to burn. You ma do it using one of two ways:


Drag BIN or CDG files and drop them on Power CD+G Burner window


Click Add button and select the files you would like to burn


Power CD+G Burner supports follow types of files:


BIN files (they contain both graphics and autio)

CDG files, also know as MP3+G (CDG files contain graphics only, audio needs to be in MP3 or WAV file with the same name, located in the same directory as CDG file)

ZIP files that contain pair of MP3 and CDG files

MCG files

KMA files





If you would like to change the order of the songs on the disc, select the song you would like to move and use Move Up and Move Down buttons to change its place


Now you may change the key of the song -- to do this right-click the song and select Change Key.  In the dialog box enter a value in semitones to modify the key of the song. It is possible to change up to 12 semitones





Power CD+G Burner needs temporary disc space to create image file. It there is no enough space please free some or select different drive for temporary folder location.


Now you are ready to burn your disc.


Select burner device


Insert blank CD into burner drive


Click Burn

Burn process consists of two phases: image file creation and actual burning.


If burning phase is causing problems please see Troubleshooting.