importing .kar (midi) files

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importing .kar (midi) files

Post by okcfloater »

I am using WIN2K Professional and SiS7012 audio drivers. When importing/converting .kar files, .wav/soundtrack is not generated. I think this is because I cannot select "midi" as preferred recording device under control panel multimedia or don't have "midi" selectable under recording mixer device (mixer device is SiS 7012 Wave) in volume control; all I have is "mono mix", "stereo mix", "aux", "video", "cd player", "line in", "microphone", and "phone line". I would very much like to register the software, but would import many .kar files. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Post by admin »

I am afraid that your soundcard might not offer MIDI recording. It sometimes is the case with soundcards buint into motherboards. You may check the soundcard manufacturer webpage for the updated driver that might allow MIDI recording.

If not, you have two possible solutions -- either to buy a standalone soundcard that will do the job (Soundblaster should have no problems and the prices start from $12) or you might take a look at software MIDI synthesizers. Using them might be a little more difficult and most of them are not free, but from what the users say I know they provide much better sound quality than most of the soundcards. You will find some reference here: [url= ... izers.html][color=Red] ... izers.html[/color][/url]
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