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Paradigm Karaoke
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Remote Request Response

Post by Paradigm Karaoke »

would it be possible to allow the host to send a notification to someone logged in on their phone that they are up next, someone else has this song, etc?
kinda like they can send us notes, we could respond to them, not quite texting, more like a push notification but only within the logged in persons account.

*add on thought*
we could use it to encourage people to start logging in by being able to for instance offer drink discounts through these push notifications.
the bar could allow us to offer drink specials through the night to those logged in (read that as people involved and invested in making the night busy) that nobody else would know about. we could use it as a means to encourage people to not just use the kiosk but use their phone instead of hovering over our shoulders asking for songs.
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Re: Remote Request Response

Post by GaSouthpaw »

I like this idea, but I'm not sure how it would be possible if they weren't logged in...
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Re: Remote Request Response

Post by assassin32 »

another notification or pop up message to the KJ advising this condition/status?

I've been trying to come up with ways to encourage users to login so their histories can be utilized...0
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Re: Remote Request Response

Post by B-Side »

This would bea great feature for us as well.
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