Remote Queue Web Interface

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Remote Queue Web Interface

Post by assassin32 »

I'd like to have additional design functionality to this screen. I played around with the Settings again, and opted to use an image instead of a solid color as a background. The pic displays, but the size of the Buttons pretty much blocks our 90% of the selected image.

I would be nice to have more control over this screen (similar to the 'singer announcement screen'). Have a transparent or slightly opaque setting so an image can bleed through. Maybe include different font types and sizes. I think that page could use some jazzing up, if you catch my drift.
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Re: Remote Queue Web Interface

Post by Fensom1 »

even better would be to have an api. That way we could have a choice of user interfaces and apps that can connect.
It would be a great selling point for Siglos if other karaoke song book request apps could use the api and have the requests automatically populate into Siglos.

The siglos songlist could be exported to the cloud making sure SongId matches to the application. then app developers would only need to send a header with show credentials and Username credentials and send song id to the api

Perhaps even a graphql endpoint as it is increasingly popular and more versatile.
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Re: Remote Queue Web Interface

Post by Piotr »

Customization of remote queue client is one of the main things we are working on right now. It will not be an API, but will allow a lot of customization by editing CSS files.
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