Adding credentials to a browser link and phone shortcut

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Adding credentials to a browser link and phone shortcut

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I've been using the phone tool for a while at my shows. I have a dedicated router with a local wifi network called "Songbook". Return customers/regulars phones have already learned this network. So when they come to the next show their phones will automatically join the network.

The DJ/Karaoke computer is also hooked up to this wifi network. It has a static IP of
Is there a way to embed their "singer name" and "secret code in the link?
ie. S)&password=(1234) or similar.

I've been saving browser shortcuts on their phone home screens to make things easier but some really struggle with putting their credentials in properly. Most have them saved on their phones which logs them in just fine. Some who have several different variations of their name and or secret codes saved in their phones are the ones who really struggle. Any thoughts?

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