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Mobile Search *Search All*

Post by djgaryc »

Evening All.

Is there a way to search Artist and Song in one go using the online search site linked to your show?

I'm trying to lower the amount of pages in my printed books and this is done by correcting spellings, changing the Artists to single name and adding the Feat. XYZ to the end of the track name. - So from
Ciara Feat Justin Timberlake - Love --- Magic to
Ciara - Love --- Magic (Feat Justin Timberlake)

This works great for the paper books as it has reduced the number of pages, but to the electronic searching has meant that if they browse by Artist and type Justin Timberlake but not sure what song they want to sing, they shouldn't get Ciara - Love --- Magic (Feat Justin Timberlake) as a result.

The problem I'm having is many people think that Love --- Magic is actually a Justin Timberlake, not Ciara

Can I make a Search All button?

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