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feature request

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in the song edit screen,
1) a checkbox to signify "explicit" songs. this way we can avoid them when doing all ages shows with kids.
in the search window it can either have an asterisk like "mustiple versions" does in request dialog, or make it red to stand out.
making that column sortable would allow creating a collection without explicit songs for safe shows with kids.

2) make "genre" searchable. so many times i get asked what 70's rock or reggae do i have

3) add "year" tag in the same place for this same reason. just like DJ software has. this would make theme nights a piece of cake,
we can make a collection of everything between 1980-1989 and boom....off we go.

in song request kiosk
1) a checkbox to signal that a song has already been requested and please chose a different song as the singer is trying to select it.
i say a checkbox because some hosts allow repeats while others do not, so this satisfies both.

2) "server offline" causes people to come up and tell us like we don't know it's offline.
instead, a custom background screen when that box is checked would be better.
just an "if/then" command to show the second "end of night" screen and remove all but the "current queue"

3) have all screens time out. so many times people look at the queue on all kiosks and walk away.
then new singers don't know how to get back to the main screen to request.
(it seems simple enough to me but singers really have a hard time with it while drinking)
having the screens timeout back to the main screen is a simple solution

in singer info dialog
1) where we can edit their venue and remote code, put a, "important date" field.
we can add birthdays and anniversaries as we learn them. surprise the singer by "remembering" their birthday or playing that special song from their wedding on their anniversary. i know comments are there, but maybe when a singer is added and it's one of those special dates put in the new field it can pop up reminding us that it's their birthday or anniversary (or whatever important date we signify in the field)
eg. important date [ 1/14 ] reason [ birthday ]
important date [ 6/20 ] reason [ anniversary ]
then on january 14th (or the week of) adding that singer would prompt a popup with that info.

in song search dialog
1) have a "corrupt" checkbox so if a song is not playing for some reason, it can be avoided until it is fixed.
doing this in the add song dialog would be faster than the edit song dialog and ensure we check the correct file.

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