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The new message DJ

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i tried something different with this feature....
i changed it to "request a song you want to hear"
so non-singers can request a song they would like to hear. then I can bring it up to some singers I think could do it.
but a few of those singers had a good suggestion I missed.....
can it be visible through the kiosk or at minimum the logged in web portal?
they would like to see the requested songs so THEY could look and pick one to sing instead of just me having them.
i love this get's non singers involved, let's singers see what people really WANT to hear (and know they will get a good reaction because of it)
is this possible?
just like everything else, it could be a check box in the settings to allow it to be shown or not depending on the hosts preference.
i know I have more ideas, that I can't think of at the moment...but don't I always?

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